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This Week's Top 10 Best Vs. Worst Dressed Celebrities!

Wednesday 7:15 PM, 06/02/2013
FLIP: We love everything from her hips and up. That hat matched with sunglasses and long, curly hair is amazing! We would've skipped those shorts though, and worn a pair of black skinny jeans instead.. FLIP: We spotted a pregnant Jenna Dewan-Tatum looking a-m-a-z-i-n-g in her comfy outfit! We also love how she has the perfect accessory: Her super hot husband Channing Tatum! FLIP: Jessica Chastain, you have to know that we wouldn't have said no to your coat (if you'd been willing to give it to us). It's beyond perfectly matched with black boots and a black handbag. FLIP: Nicky Hilton has always been better than her little sister when it has come to style and fashion. We like Nicky's outfit - but would've liked to see another pair of boots - such as Primeboots! FLOP: Well... Here she is. Paris Hilton in a horrible, horrible outfit that looks like she's taking a trip back to 2004. FLOP: We've said it before, but it seems we have to say it again since Hilary doesn't get it: No Cèline bag when wearing trashy gym clothes! This bag is waaay too majestetic to be worn during such conditions... FLOP: Shauna Sand: what's that on your feet?! And we're not much for those super short shorts matched with sky high heels either... FLOP: Ariel Winter, we do see where you're coming from with this outfit, we absolutely do. It's just that you didn't take it all the way, which made the whole outfit crash land. FLOP: Rita Ora looks like a granny in her flowery dress (in horribly mixed, bright colors). And not enough with that -those sneakers and that blue hat doesn't match the style of her dress and bag. At all.
What could be better than some fashion inspo on a wednesday like this one? We've seen lots of celebrities in the past few days - many of them totally rocking their outfits (such as Ashley Tisdale and Selena Gomez!), but we've also seen celebs wearing complete flops - which Paris Hilton is a great example at! Click on the pics to see this week's best and worst dressed celebrities!
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Comfylicious! 6 Celebrities Wearing Super Comfy Ugg Boots!

Tuesday 11:02 PM, 29/01/2013
Jennifer Lopez got comfy in Ugg's - matching her shoes with a pair of ripped jeans and a polo shirt in the same color as her Ugg's! Ashley Greene wearing an over sized top, black leggings and a pair of black Ugg's with cute bling-bling on! Actress Marcia Cross was spotted wearing a really comfortable outfit including Ugg's! Megan Fox looks amazing wearing everything - even this look! Ugg's are even put on the celebrity babies! How cute isn't that?! This is a pic of Kimberly Stewart and her baby daughter.
Ugg boots must be the most comfortable shoes EVER created, don't you think? We love how the fluffy fur makes us feel like we're walking on clouds, and how you always keep your feet warm. We've spotted plenty of celebs looking super comfy in these boots - so click on the pics for inspiration from stars such as Adriana Lima and Megan Fox!
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Audrina Patridge's Casual Aiport Style!

Sunday 8:18 PM, 06/01/2013
We spotted Audrina Patridge arriving at LAX airport with her boyfriend today and she really showed off a perfect and causual everyday outfit! The Cali native reality star, who became famous through MTVs The Hills, is still working non-stop to establish a career as a model and actress, and we're happy to see her i L.A again! She looks gorgeous in just a pair of jeans, a black top and a leather jacket. What a perfect jetsetting airport style!
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Friday's Fashion Inspo: Kim Kardashian!

Friday 6:52 PM, 21/12/2012
We spotted Kim Kardashian out and about in Beverly Hills, wearing a casual-chic outfit! Copy her look by wearing those ripped jeans you thought of throwing away, a black top, some kind of black, thin jacket (or else a black leather jacket would work!), and a bag of your choice in a bright color - and you're DONE! Perfect outfit, Kim! We likey. Click on the pics for more inspo!
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Today's Fashion Inspo: Jessica Alba!

Thursday 1:55 AM, 13/12/2012
Have a closer look at her adorable bag!
We spotted Jessica Alba getting an breakfast and coffee to go in Beverly Hills yesterday! How cozy. We love her outfit! Her long sleeved top, jeans, boots and bag (which, btw, is from BVLGARI, and we love it!) goes perfectly together! Click on the pics for more inspo!
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Today's Fashion Inspo: Jennifer Garner Out Shopping!

Saturday 3:03 PM, 08/12/2012
A white- and yellow colored jumper, blue jeans, grey loafers and an oversized bag - the way to go!
We spotted Jennifer Garner out shopping in Brentwood yesterday! Check out her outfit consisting of a white- and yellow colored jumper, blue jeans, grey loafers and an oversized bag, by clicking on the pics! We have to say: we LOVE it!

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