Jay-Z and Lady Gaga Get Ready For MTV Awards!

Thursday 3:28 PM, 13/08/2009
They are going to rock the house down!

They are going to rock the house down!
The Mtv Music Awards are just around the corner, in fact its exactly a month from today, so a perfect time to announce who will be performing and presenting on the night! The big news is that Jay-Z and Lady Gaga will be performing! Jay-Z to promote his new album and Lady Gaga to celebrate her 9 nominations and first time at the Awards! Other amazing artists also performing are Taylor Swift, Pink, Green Day and Muse, wow! Stars like Gossip Girl's Leighton Meester, Chace Crawford and Miranda Cosgrove as well as Katy Perry and Nelly Furtado will all be on stage to present too! We can't wait! (Source: MTV)
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Can't wait!(non member) 1
13/08/2009 6:09 PM
I'm only watching this for Muse's live
performance, its gonna be amazing. Not really
bothered about Jay-z or Lady Gaga.

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