4 December 1969, Brooklyn, New York
45 years

American hiphop artist and producer who has sold millions of records. His girlfriend is Beyonce Knowles. Financed his first records by selling drugs and his now president and CEO of Def Jam records.

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Beyonce Has Removed Her Wedding Tattoo!

Saturday 1:25 PM, 17/05/2014
Beyonce appears to have removed her wedding ring tattoo, which she got when she married husband Jay-Z. In new photos of the singer, her “IV”...READ MORE ▶
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Jennifer Lopez Weighs In On Jay-Z And Solange Fight!

Friday 9:54 AM, 16/05/2014
Jennifer Lopez weighed in on the leaked video of Solange Knowles attacking Beyonce's husband Jay-Z during a radio interview. "You can't spec...READ MORE ▶
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Jay-Z Breaks Silence On Solange Elevator Fight!

Friday 8:02 AM, 16/05/2014
Beyonce, Jay-Z and Solange Knowles are moving forward after a video was released online of Solange kicking and hitting Jay and Bey. Now the...READ MORE ▶
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Five Theories Behind Solange Knowles Elevator Outburst!

Wednesday 8:33 PM, 14/05/2014
The Cheating Theory: Several sources claim Jay-Z have been cheating on Beyonce the past few years. Therefore Solange was coming to her sister's defense.
The Conspiracy Theory: Some people say it was all created to cause some attention around Solange, that hasn't been in the hot air for long.
The Drug Theory: Solange watched Bey's father abuse their family with sex, booze and drug addictions. People say Solange is lashing out that Jay is creating that same atmosphere and is including her sister in it.
The Anger-Management-Issues-Theory: Sources claim Solange has been having problems with managing her anger for years, and that that is the reason why Bey and Jay didn't try to stop her.
The "He-Said-Something" Theory: Solange's career hasn't been very successful the past years, and some say Jay has been mocking her for this. Therefore, people say Jay said something to Solange before entering the elevator, which caused her outburst.
Solange Knowles, Beyonce's sister, attacked Bey's husband Jay-Z in an elevator after the MET gala last week. Footage from the fight was released online, but since it includes no sound - we can only guess why she was that angry.

We've gathered five of the theories behind her outburst - click on the pics and read them all!

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Beyonce & Jay-Z Used To Solange's Outburst - Has Happened Before!

Wednesday 8:10 AM, 14/05/2014
Yesterday a video was released online of Solange Knowles kicking and hitting her sister Beyonce's husband Jay-Z in an elevator. Now sources ...READ MORE ▶
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Solange Knowles Attacks Jay-Z Physically In Elevator!

Tuesday 8:04 AM, 13/05/2014
Solange Knowles was caught on a surveillance tape when she was attacking her sister's husband Jay-Z in an elevator after the MET Gala. TMZ p...READ MORE ▶
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