4 December 1969, Brooklyn, New York
44 years

American hiphop artist and producer who has sold millions of records. His girlfriend is Beyonce Knowles. Financed his first records by selling drugs and his now president and CEO of Def Jam records.

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Read How Beyonce Tries To Freeze Out Kim Kardashian!

Wednesday 8:10 AM, 05/09/2012
It's been back an forth about Kim Kardashian's new friendship with Beyonce. At first Beyonce HATED Kim, and she and her husband Jay-Z tried everyth...READ MORE ▶
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Sons Of Midnight: "Paris & Nicky Hilton Danced Around The Room!"

Monday 8:57 PM, 03/09/2012
OMG! Australian pop/rock band Sons of Midnight only released their self-titled album this year but are already finding themselves in the middle ...READ MORE ▶
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Party All Night! Celebrity Owned Clubs & Restaurants!

Thursday 2:16 AM, 12/07/2012
Ashley Simpsons ex-boyfriend Pete Wentz invites you to rock out at Angels & Kings, an New York  East Village bar open till 4 a.m. Miami Ink tattoo artist Ami James owns a bar called LoveHate located on Washington Ave, Miami South Beach. "We wanted to make the ambiance of the bar kind of a club house, the kind of place where we would like to hang out with our locals, our new friends and our international followers" the star says. The princess of partying, Paris Hilton, owns a nightclub in Orlando Florida. Club Paris Orlando is known for its upbeat pop dance music and pink interior. Anyone surprised? Justin Timberlake brings the south to the city! Southern Hospitality is a BBQ restaurant by day and a southern style nightclub by night, located in New York. Howdy ho ya'll! If you are looking to spot some stars on your night out, Jay-Z's New York club 40/40 is the place to be! The star has been reported to visit regularly bringing along his equally fabulous wife, Beyonce. Woah!
Looking to spend a night out like the stars? Why not start your evening with a yummy meal at Scott Disick's restaurant in New York, then on for some drinks at Miami Ink tattoer Ami James' bar in Miami Beach and finally dance your feet of at Paris Hilton's hot spot in Orlando! The only issue with this trip is that it does require a private jet... Lend us a G6, anyone?
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Rihanna And Jay-Z Rocking The Stage!

Tuesday 2:07 AM, 26/06/2012
Back to business, Jay-Z!
While Beyoncé is at home nuturing baby Ivy Blue, hubby Jay-Z enters the stage with his friend and co-worker Rihanna! Someone has got to earn the living, right? Well, it looks like they had a blast doing it, and we would have loved to be there!
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OMG! Gwyneth Paltrow Used The N-word!

Tuesday 5:01 PM, 05/06/2012
Stella McCartney kept her company. Gwyneth is also a singer.
Recently Gwyneth Paltrow was in Paris where Jay-Z and Kanye West had their "Watch the Throne" concert, which Gwyneth happily went to. Later on she ...READ MORE ▶
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Kim Kardashian's Airport Fashion

Wednesday 11:05 PM, 16/05/2012
We spotted Kim Kardashian at LAX, preparing for a long international flight. Is Kim on her way to meet up with BF, Kanye West? Kanye and Jay-Z are currently on tour right now, so we suspect she is. She wore a cool travel outfit, all black with a chic leather jacket. We love that she's wearing sunglasses and her hair up in a knot, what a great look for a long flight.
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