4 December 1969, Brooklyn, New York
44 years

American hiphop artist and producer who has sold millions of records. His girlfriend is Beyonce Knowles. Financed his first records by selling drugs and his now president and CEO of Def Jam records.

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Valentine's Day Special!

Celebrity Couples Showing Their True Feelings In Public!

Thursday 12:26 PM, 14/02/2013
Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake got married last year, and we really hope they'll last. David Beckham and Victoria Beckham makes one of those Hollywood couples that we hope will last forever. Here they are kissing on the big screen at a basketball game. Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield make a cute couple both on and off screen. We LOVE Kanye West and Kim Kardashian together - their feelings for each other can be nothing but true. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are still going strong, and for that we love them.
We love really cute celebrity couples and especially those who show their true feelings for each other, no matter who's watching! We've listed six super cute Hollywood couples that we hope will last forever and ever! Click on the pics and see our favorite couples!
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Justin Timberlake And Jay-Z Are Going On Tour Together!

Wednesday 2:17 PM, 13/02/2013
Hotness x 2! We can't wait to see them on tour!
We assume you guys already are familiar with Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z's new hit song 'Suit & Tie', that was released earlier this year. ...READ MORE ▶
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Beyonce On Her Miscarriage: "The Saddest Thing I've Gone Through!"

Friday 8:01 AM, 01/02/2013
Beyonce On Her Miscarriage: "The Saddest Thing I've Gone Through!" It was the saddest thing she's ever gone through. Today she's a mother to Blue Ivy Carter.
Beyonce is now a happy mother to her daughter Blue Ivy Carter, who's almost 13 months now. But Beyonce has now spoken out about the hard ti...READ MORE ▶
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Justin Timberlake Is BACK! Listen To New Song Feat. Jay-Z Here!

Monday 8:27 AM, 14/01/2013
It's his first new song in six years!
We've waited for six years, and now Justin Timberlake is finally BACK! Justin and Jay-Z have released his new single 'Suit & Tie', that is also pro...READ MORE ▶
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Beyonce And Jay-Z Doing Some Luxury Shopping!

Thursday 3:14 PM, 27/12/2012
HOW cute are they?! Note Jay-Z's hand over Beyonce's shoulder.. Aw!
We spotted Beyonce and Jay-Z leaving Bergdorf Goodman after some luxury shopping yesterday! Ohh, do we love this couple?! They are just SOOO adorable! Don't you agree? Click on the pics to see more of them.
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Monday 5:20 PM, 10/12/2012
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