Jay Leno

28 April 1950, New Rochelle, New York, USA
64 years

Sandra Bernhard, Mavis Nicholson
Jay Leno is an American comedian and worked as the host of "The Tonight Show" from 1992 to 2009. From fall 2009 he´s been the host for the tv-show "The Jay Leno Show". Jay´s dad was Italian and his mom Scottish. Jay Leno has dylexia and is one of the few owners of a McLaren F1 car.
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Jay Leno Says Good Bye To The Tonight Show!

Friday 1:06 PM, 07/02/2014
Last night, Jay Leno filmed his final episode ever of The Tonight Show, that he's been the host of for over 20 years. The TV host said goodb...READ MORE ▶
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Sharon Osbourne Reveals: "I Had A Fling With Jay Leno!"

Tuesday 8:34 AM, 10/09/2013
On yesterday's episode of The Talk, Sharon Osbourne revealed a big secret that we knew nothing about before. Sharon opened up about how she ...READ MORE ▶
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Read The Full List Of Hollywood's Most Hated Celebrities!

Friday 9:06 PM, 19/04/2013
2. Kristen Stewart 3. Jennifer Lopez 4. John Mayer 5. Katherine Heigl 6. Matt Lauer 7. Madonna 8. Justin Bieber 9. Anne Hathaway 10. Kris Jenner 11. Kim Kardashian 12. LeAnn Rimes 13. Ashton Kutcher 14. Jay Leno
Every year Star Magazine releases a list of the celebrities that are currently most hated in Hollywood, according to their readers. This year Gwyneth Paltrow is the "winner", and there are plenty of other well-known stars on the list. Click on the pics and check out the most hated Hollywood celebrities!
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Snooki talks strippers and drinking on ‘The Tonight Show’...With Newt Gingrich!

Saturday 8:01 AM, 21/07/2012
Wow, this is epic! Snooki's talking about strippers with politican Newt Gingrich?!

Pregnant reality star Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi sat down with former Republican presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno yesterday which resulted in some intersting discussions. Snooki revealed that she is trying to be like Newt Gingrich when it comes to having bestselling books and Gingrich wouldn’t mind dropping by the Jersey Shore house to “hang out.” Check out the hilarious interview below!
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Top 6 Best Talk Show Hosts Ever!

Tuesday 11:11 PM, 10/07/2012
5. Tyra Banks started The Tyra Banks Show back in 2005. It didn't take long for the audience to fall in love with her, and from nowhere she was suddenly one of the most popular talk show hosts. We like how she mixed fashion with serious issues and other things, that aren't usually brought up in talk shows. The show ended in 2010. 4. Jay Leno is best known for his classic talk show The Tonight Show at NBC. He's both a talk show host and a stand-up comedian, and we love how he constantly makes his guests on the show laugh and tell funny stories about themselves. 3. David Letterman is one of the biggest names in the talk show business. His first talk show, Late Night with David Letterman, aired already back in 1982. Ever since he's been known in the business for his very ironic sense of humor, and his sometimes absurd jokes. 2. Ellen DeGeneres is really one of our favorite faces on TV. She's not only a talk show host, she's also a stand-up comedian, and she always know how to make her audience laugh. She's met basically all cool celebrities, but guess how much we DIED when she and Justin Bieber got matching Boyfriend-Girlfriend jackets. 1. Can you imagine TV without Oprah Winfrey? Oprah has made us laugh, cry and think- sometimes in the same time, and she's definitely the best TV personality ever. And not only is she great on TV, she's also very engaged in big questions and she's very generous when it comes to charity. She's the queen of the TV world, doubtless!
They've met all the cool celebrities, they're always making us laugh, and they take up serious things too. We're talking about the famous talk show hosts, like the ones we can't stop watching like Ellen DeGeneres and David Letterman. We've listed our top 6 talk show hosts ever. Click on the pics and check them out (but we guess you know who our number one is already...).
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Lady Gaga Basically Admits To Stealing Madonna's Song!

Tuesday 9:10 AM, 15/02/2011
Tell it like it is Jay! Gaga - be original! Sexy Sofia Vergara was also a guest on the Leno show
Yesterday we showed you Lady Gaga's live performance of her brand new single "Born This Way" and we told you how everyone is saying its rip-off of ...READ MORE ▶
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