Javier Bardem

1 March 1969, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain
46 years

Penelope Cruz
Javier Bardem is a Spanish actor who comes from a family full of acting history. He is the first Spanish actor to recieve an Oscar. Javier is good friends with Penelope Cruz.
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Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem Engaged!

Tuesday 11:51 AM, 06/10/2009
Despite Spain's two hottest Hollywood stars Penelope Cruz and Javier trying hard to keep their private life quiet, news keeps leaking out about them from their friends! The latest is that the two of them just recently got engaged! We think this might have something to do with Penelope's preganncy that the couple still won't confirm, but everyone can see! Penelope and Javier definitely seem to be getting ready to make their relationship a lasting commitment and starting a family! We are so happy for them! (Source: USWeekly)
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Knocked up

Penelope Cruz Shows off Her Bump!

Wednesday 7:31 PM, 09/09/2009
Bump alert!
She looks uncomfy! Its not easy for Penelope
Poor Penelope Cruz, it doesn't look like she is having the best pregnancy experience! It all started with horrible morning sickness at this year's Cannes Film Festival and she is still looking tired and uncomfortable! We spotted her on the set of her new movie in Los Angeles this morning trying to cover up her growing bump with a black windbreaker and track pants, but you can clearly see how much she is growing! The baby is obviously Penelope's boyfriend fellow Spanish actor Javier Bardem's and the two of them must be very excited!
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Knocked up

Its Official: Penelope Cruz Is Pregnant!

Wednesday 9:32 AM, 05/08/2009
Its Official: Penelope Cruz Is Pregnant!
A teeny bump is coming! Glowing!
The rumours at Cannes were true! A month or so ago we told you how everyone at Cannes suspected that Penelope Cruz almost missed her big movie premiere there because of pregnancy morning sickness and not food poisoning, as her reps were saying. Well now its been confirmed! Penelope is 4 months pregnant with fellow Spanish actor Javier Bardem's child! Sources close to her have leaked the news, but soon she won't be able to hide it any more. At this week's screening of her movie Broken Embraces she was absolutely glowing, and showing just a little! Congrats!(Source: JustJared)
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Latest news!

Are Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem Having a Baby?!

Monday 11:32 AM, 08/06/2009
Penelope Cruz and her fellow Spanish actor boyfriend Javier Bardem may be taking their relationship to the next level! Remember at Cannes 2 weeks ago when Penelope was very sick and almost missed the premiere and parties for her new movie Broken Embraces? The official reason given was that she was suffering from food poisoning, but we have just heard there could be a better explanation. According to In Touch Magazine, Penelope is pregnant with Javier's baby! Wouldn't that be such a talented child?! (Source:Celebitchy)
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Love birds

Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem Sneak a Date!

Friday 10:39 AM, 17/04/2009
We know its you, even with the caps on!
Despite rumours of a nasty split between Penelope Cruz and her boyfriend Javier Bardem, here they are together! They don't look happy to be caught on camera, so we hope everything is okay between these two camera shy actors, we think they make a perfect match!

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