Jasmine Villegas

7 December 1993, San Jose
21 years

Young Jinsu
Jasmine Villegas often goes by the name Jasmine V. She is an American R&B singer of Filipino and Mexican heritage. In September 2010 she joined the second leg of Justin Bieber's My World Tour and shortly after that she released her first single "All These Boys"
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Digitial Love: 10 Celebs Who Dumped Or Were Dumped By SMS!

Wednesday 3:11 PM, 13/06/2012
Ouch! Britney Spears decided to end her two year marriage to Kevin Federline by sending him a text while recording a TV interview. Talk about multitasking. Apparently Samantha Ronson broke up with former girlfriend, Lindsay Lohan, via SMS. Maroon 5 singer, Adam Levine, and Jessica Simpson had a short fling, which he ended by a sms that said, "Really busy. Need space." One Direction star, Zayn Malik, was once dumped through SMS by a former girlfriend. Cheryl Cole was finally sick and tired of her husband, Ashley Cole, cheating on her so she sent him a text saying "Move out. It's over." After having a big fight with Jennifer Aniston, John Mayer sent her a text that said, "That's it- the end." Bree Olson, one of Charlie Sheen's former goddesses broke up with him via text last April. Carrie Underwood dated Gossip Girl hottie, Chace Crawford, but Chace ended it with a text. Come on Chace, we know you are better than that! Ok so Taylor Swift wasn't dumped by text, but she was dumped by voicemail! Joe Jonas left her a 27 second break up message! That's rough.
Break ups suck. No matter who is the one doing the dumping, it's just a painful process no matter what. But break ups by text message... those are the worst! And even A-Listers aren't immune to this digital diss. We listed 10 celebs who have either dumped or been dumped by SMS, click on the pics to find out who they are.
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Jasmine V's Birthday Party!

Friday 3:10 PM, 09/12/2011
Congrats! Jasmine Villegas just turned 18 and she celebrated with her family and friends at the Playhouse nightclub in Hollywood! Looks like this young singer had a great time, especially canoodling with her boyfriend Young Jinsu.
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Justin Bieber's Ex Files Restraining Order!

Saturday 4:51 PM, 20/08/2011
We wonder if Justin sent her his condolences?
We know millions of girls dream of it, but it’s not actually all fun and games being Justin Bieber’s girlfriend! Just ask his ex Jasmine Villegas, ...READ MORE ▶
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Busted: Justin Bieber Making Out on the Back Seat!

Tuesday 6:20 PM, 21/09/2010
Looks like Justin has a girlfriend! Lucky!
Sorry girls it looks like Justin Bieber is taken! He was busted kissing fellow singer Jasmine Villegas, the girl who opens his concerts in the back seat of a car on their way to a rehearsal in Venice, California! Yeah we know what you are thinking, she is the luckiest 16 year old in the world! See them kissing here
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