Jared Leto

26 December 1971, Louisiana, USA
42 years

Cameron Diaz
Jared Leto is an American actor who is very popular with the girls. He loves snowboarding, skateboarding and painting. Used to date Cameron Diaz. 177 cm tall.
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Street Style: Star Style Straight off the Street!

Thursday 6:26 PM, 17/02/2011
Zoe Saldana rocking the flared jeans 70's trend! Dita Von Teese is never dressed down! Airport glam! Katie Price is an overdone nightmare as usual! Molly Sims brightens up the New York streets at Fashion Week Paul Wesley and his girlfriend Torrey DeVitto are comfy cool Isabel Lucas is so fairy-like! Fergie all dressed up and ready to go to the front row Jared Leto always has something crazy to show off! Kat Von D looking a little tragic! Keira Knightley's new favorite look!
Some of them were all dressed up and on their way to the Fashion Week tents, others were chilling in the streets after a workout and some just look too scary to even be out of the house! Here are what celebs like Avril Lavigne, Fergie, Jordan and Keira Knightley wore on the streets this week!
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Street Style: Star Style Straight off the Street!

Wednesday 6:27 PM, 26/01/2011
These ladies no about styling it while on the streets. The queen of street Fearne Cotton is back with yet another super cool look as...READ MORE ▶
Fearne Cotton still rocking the aviator jacket looks and its hot - don't put yours away either. Accessorise in a fun way like Fearne! Jennifer Love Hewitt in a long shirt dress, its perfect for her pear shape! Cher Lloyd brings her Brit look to LA! Gwen Stefani you have to admire this mommy's dedication to looking fab! Jessica Alba always layered to perfection Kat Von D has a unique style all her own Shannon and Jared Leto all wrapped up Kylie Minogue call it a wrap - a chic wrap! Megan Fox matches her orange flip flops to her necklace and eyeshadow - not sure that will be a huge trend this season! Paris Hilton playing it down in denim Sean Lennon and his girlfriend are the essence of Boho!
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30 Seconds to Mars "Hurricane" Video Banned from TV!

Tuesday 8:48 AM, 30/11/2010
Don't ban their video!
Wow, Jared Leto warned the world his latest music video for his band 30 seconds to Mars would be sexual, but we didn't think it would actually cause such controversy! Small clips of the video have been released as teazers and TV producers are so shocked by what they have seen so far, they are banning it! In a world where Lady Gaga videos are all over televisions everywhere, we can't think what was so offensive about Jared's video! Take a look at this clip below and decide for yourself! (Source: Wenn)

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They did it for the movies!

Monday 3:03 PM, 15/11/2010
Renee Zellweger gained a lot of punds for the part in Bridget Jones Diary. To really look like a person who never ever had exercise Renee went on a pizza and beer- diet, and she said it was nice to not be hungry for a change! This is the way she looked before the weight gain... and this is the way she looked after a few (ok, many) portions of pizza. We think she looks great still though! But you can tell the difference right? Tom Hanks is a devoted man, and he takes this whole acting thing very serious. Jared Leto really is one of  the hottest hunks walkning on this planet. But for the movie "Chapter" he gained like himself all over again! Leto ended up looking like this! Ouch! Not hot at all. Christian Bale is known for his well trained body, he is a real package of muscle and all the guys we know says they envy his BIG biceps. For the movie "Machinist" he looked completely different though... Bale lost almost half his body weight by only eating an apple and a can of tuna a day, Not a healthy diet and Christian looked scarry as hell! Colin Farrel is another good looking man that lost a lot of weight for a movie. Not a good thing. He looked waaaay to thin and lost all of his hunk appeal! Oh George, we love you no matter what! Almost, that is. Before his part in "Burn After Reading" George gained quite a lot of weight and well... we liked him better without it. Luckily he lost this Santa Clause look pretty quickly after this picture was taken.
OMG is all we have to say! There really are those who suffer for the art of acting. Some lost tremendous amounts of wight, others double it, and some just looked terrible. Here we give you a few photos of a few actors, like Christian Bale, George Clooney and the sweet Renée Zellweger, who have gone really far to litteraly become their movie charachter. We can't decide if it's cool or creepy though! What do you think? Vote!


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Kanye West and Jared Leto Share a Stage!

Tuesday 10:23 AM, 09/11/2010
Jared got the crowd all worked up!
Did you see Kanye West's surprise performance at the European MTV Music Awards?! After swearing on Ellen he would never attend an awards ceremony again, Kanye showed up to the EMA's in Madrid and blew everyone away by sharing the stage with Jared Leto and his band 30 seconds to Mars. The big question is - what did you think of their performance? Check it out below and vote!
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What did you think?

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Kesha The Queen of Strange at EMAs!

Monday 12:52 PM, 08/11/2010
Katy Perry Eva Longoria Miley Cyrus Rihanna Ke$ha's first outfit Dizzee Rascal Kelly Brook Taylor Momsen Shakira Katy Perry and Russell Brand Taylor Momsen and The Pretty Reckless Snooki aka Nicole Polizzi Johhny Knoxville Slash Jared Leto and 30 Seconds to Mars
Lady Gaga didn't make it to this year's European MTV Music Awards and her crazy outfits and performance were definitely missed! Kesha aka Ke$ha took the opportunity to take over the role of strange this year in Gaga's place though! Check out the pink hair and face paint! We are not sure she is as spectacular as Gaga, but it was fun to look at anyway! See what everyone else was wearing on the red carpet to this year's EMA's below!


Who was your favorite?

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