Jared Leto

26 December 1971, Louisiana, USA
43 years

Cameron Diaz
Jared Leto is an American actor who is very popular with the girls. He loves snowboarding, skateboarding and painting. Used to date Cameron Diaz. 177 cm tall.
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Red Carpet

Check Out The Stars At The Annual Hollywood Film Awards!

Tuesday 8:57 PM, 22/10/2013
Julia Roberts. Matthew McConaughey. Juliette Lewis. Octavia Spencer. Ethan Hawke. Jared Leto. Harrison Ford. Jane Fonda. Olivia Munn. Jake Gyllenhaal.
Last we night we spotted several Hollywood stars at the red carpet at the annual Hollywood Film Awards. It was a fabulous evening and the star were really fashionable and inspiring. Click on the pics and check them all out!
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Latest news

Jared Leto Received A Fans' Cut Off Human Ear In The Mail!

Monday 5:09 PM, 25/03/2013
Superstars like Jared Leto are used to getting all kinds of fan mails every single day, but one day he received something extremely disgust...READ MORE ▶
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Latest news

Check Out The Pics! Jared Leto Starving Himself For New Movie!

Thursday 10:42 AM, 29/11/2012
Jared Leto is following in many successful actors' footsteps now that he's starving himself for an upcoming movie. Jared will play a transsexual wo...READ MORE ▶
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Friday Hot Guy: Jared Leto!

Friday 7:30 PM, 09/11/2012
Jared Leto. Jared is both known for his acting skills such as being the lead singer in his band 30 Seconds to Mars. He's been voted the most beautiful man on Earth two times, 1996 and1997 by People Magazine. Yum! Jared is a vegan and he doesn't eat or drink any dairy products.
Hey guys, we've heard that many of you miss this hottie, and so do we! Jared Leto one of the few Hollywood men that actually look great wearing eye liner, and he's a very talanted actor, singer and guitarist. Click on the pics and have a closer look at this week's Friday hot guy!
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These Celebrities Voted Obama!

Wednesday 2:33 PM, 07/11/2012
Jennifer Lopez is one of the celebrities who voted for Obama Jay-Z attended the Obama Rally in Ohio and rapped "99 Problems and Mitt Ain't One" Scarlett Johansson urged women to vote for Obama Sahra Jessica Parker was a fund-raiser for Barack Obama! Beyoncé Knowles brought to tears after singing for Obama George Clooney's dinner raised a record of $15 million dollars for Obamas campaign! Eva Longoria was so happy about the election that she cried! Nicki Minaj voted Obama. May it have had anything to do with how he picked sides in the fight between herself and Mariah Carey..? Jared Leto:  "I'm calling it! President @BarackObama IS ONCE AGAIN THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!!"
Barack Obama won the election this year - that's no news for anyone, huh? We got curious about which celebrities stood behind him during the battle, and what they did to make him win. Click on the pics and see stars like Scarlett Johansson and Jay-Z who did everything they could to make Obama President of the United States for another four years!
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