Janice Dickinson

15 February 1955, New York, USA
60 years

Sylvester Stallone, Warren Beatty, Mick Jagger, Bruce Willis, John Cusack, Jon Lovitz, Joe Kaplan
Janice Dickinson considers herself the first ever supermodel and began modeling at age 14. She is also a photographer and is now the owner of her own modeling agency. She likes to brag about her relationships with men (and women). She used to be one of the judges on Tyra Banks show Top Model but was replaced by Twiggy. 178 cm tall.

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This Weeks 9 Worst Dressed Celebrities!

Sunday 4:11 PM, 17/05/2009
9. Former top model Janice Dickinsons glory days are definitely over. Perhaps she should choose a dress in her own size next time?
8. This dress was not flattering for her figure. High School Musical star Monique Colemans upper part of the body looks a bit short. And her haircut was not a hit either! 7. Jamie Lee Curtis must be having some sort of midlife crisis or how else could we explain this dress and pink hair? 6. The Hills star Heidi Montags clothes looked nice bur look at the size of her bag. Heidi could fit right into it! 5. B-star Phoebe Price currently resides in Cannes trying to gather some red carpet-attention. She has been quite successful so far, but at the cost of her fashion reputation... 4. Popular singer Lady Gaga is a regular at this top list. She definitely has her own unique style. But this one was more crazy than cool! 3. Paris Hilton matches her crazy outfit with a crazy stare! Help!! 2. Avril Lavigne must have woken up on the wrong side of her bed or how else could anyone explain these horrible clothes?? 1. And this weeks worthy winner is Pamela Anderson!! Did she possibly make this "dress" by herself? It looks like a large bath towel that has been made into a dress? And her tatoo, the barbed wire around her arm, the messed up hair and the tired eyes... Well, hopefully you can see why she was the obvious winner this week!
As always, every new week brings us new fashion disasters. Some of them are surprising, some of them more expected. Janice Dickinson, Pamela Anderson and Avril Lavigne can not be happy with this weeks pictures. Lady Gaga showed off a new crazy outfit and Paris Hilton, what were you thinking?


Who do you think was This Weeks Worst Dressed?

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Breaking News!

Tyra Fires Top Model Judge Over the Phone!

Thursday 1:40 PM, 14/05/2009
The season finale for America's Next Top Model airs tonight! We have a spoiler for you! Judge ex-supermodel Paulina Porizkova won't be back next season! She has just announced that she has been fired from the show live on Craig Ferguson's talk show! Paulina says she was fired on the phone and on her birthday! Not nice Tyra! Paulina says the producers told her she had a big ego. We think it might Tyra with the ego problem! Paulina is the 3rd ex-supermodel to be leaving the show. First it was Janice Dickinson, then Twiggy left and now Paulina too. Who will be next?

Paulina on Craig Ferguson:


Who did you love more on the show?

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Janice Dickinson's Strange Barefoot Behaviour!

Friday 2:49 PM, 17/04/2009
Janice Dickinson's Strange  Barefoot Behaviour!
What is she thinking? Posing? Is Janice Losing it?
We are starting to think that aging Supermodel Janice Dickinson is really desperate for attention! After just spending hours in a salon getting a manicure and pedicure, Janice walked out with bare feet, probably messing up all the work done on her feet! Of course she was striking poses all the way to her car too. What was the point of that Janice?
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Excuse me?

Janice Dickinson Throws a Fit!

Monday 2:13 PM, 13/04/2009
Janice was NOT happy!
What's this?! Janice threw the "present" at the paprazzi! Peace out! Not so funny!
The old supermodel Janice Dickinson did not seem very happy over the present that someone left for her on her windshield this weekend! Wrapped in bubblewrap a purple dildo was attached to the windshield wipers which Janice then proceeded to throw on the paparazzi photographers in anger! You go girl!
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Fashionistas and Valentino: A Long Love Affair!

Thursday 7:49 PM, 02/04/2009
Fashionistas and Valentino: A Long Love Affair!
Nicky Hilton Shenae Grimes Anne Hathaway Lady Victoria Hervey Rose McGowan Joan Collins wow that dress! Love the shoes! Tom Ford Janice Dickinson Rachel Zoe
Legendary fashion designer Valentino has retired and made a movie about his life and career. The movie is called Valentino; The Last Emperor and it premiered last night in LA. Of course all LA's most famous fashionistas like Rachel Zoe, Janice Dickinson, Anne Hathaway, Nicky Hilton and Shenae Grimes were there! Gwyneth Paltrow, who is very close with Valentino looked amazing in a hot pair of heels and short grey dress!
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Janice Dickinson Pumps Iron and Gas at the Same Time!

Tuesday 7:10 AM, 03/03/2009
Not happy with the paps!
Busting those moves! Showing the young ones how its done! Amazing she is still so fit, she must be even older than Madonna!
Her modelling career was finished years ago, but Janice Dickinson is still an exercise freak! The tv star busted out some moves while filling up her car's tank on her way to a work out. She just went ahead and did her stretches on the ground next to the gus pump! Ewww!
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