Jamie Lynn Spears

4 April 1991, McComb, USA
23 years

Casey Aldridge
Jamie Lynn Spears is mega star Britney Spears little sister who is also a singer and actress. After some jumping around, she 2005 got her own series, Zoey 101, which is primarily concerned with Zoey coming to an internet only for boys. In 2008 Jamie Lynn Spears gave birth to her first child. This just after the big sister Britney Spears had their second.
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Jamie Lynn Spears' doppelganger!

Thursday 9:13 AM, 08/01/2009
A fake Jamie Lynn Spears - now identified as Adessa Eskridge, fooled the paparazzi at Los Angeles LAX airport. A corps of around 20 photographers were awaiting the arrival of Lynne Spears and her 17-year-old daughter Jamie Lynn Spears on a flight from Atlanta, but they were hoodwinked by a lookalike who was ushered through the airport surrounded by LAX Police Officers. Counsel for Ms Eskridge is demanding $2 million to fully compensate her for the humiliation, fear and harrassment she suffered when she disembarked the plane and, without her knowledge, walked into the flashbulbs of the awaiting paparazzi. Ms Eskridge and her attorney claim she was not given any details as to the nature of the task or of the potential danger involved when she was allegedly selected by the police to divert the attentions of the paparazzi for Britney Spears' little sister Jamie.
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Jamie Lynn Spears had plastic surgery!

Friday 8:24 AM, 05/12/2008
Jamie Lynn Spears had plastic surgery!
Jamie Lynn Spears fears that the controversial plastic surgery she had while being pregnant could have caused long-term harm to baby Maddie. Star reported that Jamie Lynn had just finished her show Zoey 101 when she found the weight piling on. Not realizing she was expecting, she pleaded with her mom, Lynne Spears, to let her get liposuction. "Any form of liposuction is dangerous and should not be performed on a pregnant woman," plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Burton told Star. "It poses serious health risks to the fetus."
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Jamie Lynn Spears ranchstyle house!

Sunday 10:22 PM, 26/10/2008
As you may have read, Jamie Lynn Spears recently bought a house for herself, boyfriend Casey Aldridge and their daughter. The house is in the town of Liberty, not far from Jamie Lynn and Britney Spears hometown Kentwood and as you can see the Spears/Aldridge family have both a big varanda and a barn!
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Jamie Lynn Spears "Everything is just completely fabricated"

Friday 8:34 AM, 10/10/2008
In an exclusive interview for OK! the new parents Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge defend themselves and their relationship against all rumor that has nagged them since the birth of their baby daughter, Maddie Briann. A recent series of scandalous tabloid stories have alleged that not only has 19-years-old Casey been unfaithful to Jamie Lynn, but that he's also gotten another woman pregnant. The stories insist that the couple's relationship is a sham, that he is still seeing other girls and that Jamie Lynn is pregnant again! But according to themselves none of these rumors are true and Jamie Lynn feels bad for Casey's family. "Casey's family is not used to this," Jamie Lynn explains. "They might assume it's true. My family knows it's not. It was definitely harder for Casey's family to deal with it, but you just explain that it is part of this business." Casey adds "In a small town, everybody knows everybody, but when money's involved, you find out who your friends are."
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Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant again!

Wednesday 5:00 PM, 08/10/2008
Jamie Lynn Spears and her fiancée Casey Aldridge
Britney Spears' sister Jamie Lynn Spears is rumored to be expecting her second child, just 3 months after she gave birth to daughter Maddie Briann. The 17-year-old is said to be 8 weeks pregnant and she "cried her eyes out" when she found out. Sources claim Jamie Lynn thought she couldn't get pregnant while she was breastfeeding. Her family, including mum Lynne, are said to be disappointed with the teenager, reports Now Magazine.
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Jamie Lynn told her mother that she was pregnant on a note!

Thursday 11:38 AM, 18/09/2008
Lynne Spears
Proud grandmother
Lynne Spears told NBC's Today show that when her daughter Jamie Lynn Spears got pregnant she handed her the note and told her to go into the bedroom and read it. The note said she was pregnant but everything is going be OK, mom and that she and boyfriend Casey Aldridge were going to raise the baby. At first Lynne thought it was a joke and she kept waiting for the punch line, but she realized it wasn't a joke because Casey wouldn't look at her.
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