Jamie Hince

1 January 1970,
45 years

Kate Moss
Jamie Hince is a member of the band The Kills.
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Top 10 Cute Celeb Pets!

Wednesday 7:18 PM, 20/06/2012
Mirana Kerr has a cute yorkshire terrier. Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus are out on a walk with their two dogs. Kate Bosworth is a real dog-person! Amanda Seyfriend's dog has lovely hair like her! Aww Miley Cyrus will you carry us too? Paris Hilton started the chihuahua trend years ago. Kate Moss lets hubby Jamie Hince hold the leash. January Jones' hands are full! Ashley Tisdale's doggy has the same facial expression as her.
The dog is a Hollywood star's best friend! These celebs are taking time out from their busy schedules to walk with their favourite pet. Amanda Selfridges dog looks almost like her! Click on the pictures to see more stars walk their doggy.
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Kate Moss And Jamie Hince Are Adorable Together!

Saturday 2:12 AM, 16/06/2012
How cute is this!? We haven't seen Kate Moss out much lately, but we spotted her the other day, out and about with her husband Jamie Hince and their dog. We're so happy that it seems like Kate is back on track again, far, far away from her old bad habits. We really hope they'll last forever, he's so good for her!
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Kate Moss' Happy Family!

Saturday 9:09 AM, 07/04/2012
We spotted Kate Moss with husband Jamie Hince and daughter Lila Grace out and about in Hampstead, London. We love that they look so happy!
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Kate Moss: Your Fly Is Open!

Friday 2:16 AM, 23/03/2012
We spotted Kate Moss when she and her husband Jamie hince was leaving their new house in London. Why is Kate's belt undone and her trouser zip open? Maybe they had a stressful morning. Or maybe it's a new style?
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Kate Moss Looks A Bit (Alot!) Tipsy!

Thursday 9:14 PM, 01/03/2012
Kate is 38 years old. She has a daughter and new husband. Despite this, she continues to party and drink a bit too much (or so it seems!) We know she can photograph well, so there is no excuse for drunk face! Time to grow up, Kate!
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Kate Moss: Paralyzed!

Monday 5:09 PM, 20/02/2012
Get better soon, Kate!
Last week supermodel Kate Moss was diagnosed with a nerve disorder that has made her "temporarily paralysed". According to friends, Kate woke up at...READ MORE ▶
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