James Franco

19 April 1978, Palo Alto, California, USA
36 years

Perhaps best known for his part as Harry Osborne in Spiderman, James Franco has grown into a talented young actor. His latest movie Milk has been very well received by critis.
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Music Video Shoot: Lindsay Lohan Behind The Scenes!

Tuesday 11:11 PM, 20/11/2012
Wow, Lindsay!
We spotted Lindsay Lohan appearing in this video by R.E.M. called "Blue", directed by actor James Franco. She actually looks kinda hot here, or what do you guys think? She really needs to step it up a little now, or else people will get sick of her just partying...

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He Is Kristen Stewart's New Hunky Hollywood Fling!

Wednesday 8:09 AM, 12/09/2012
It seems like he likes her! We wonder if he's the guy to make her smile again!
We didn't think Kristen Stewart would recover so fast after her big cheating scandal, but apparently she's already started flirting with new guys- ...READ MORE ▶
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First Peek! Selena Gomez In New Movie 'Spring Breakers'!

Wednesday 4:55 PM, 29/08/2012
This just might be the shortest sneak peek we've ever seen, but it's a scene with Selena Gomez from her new upcoming movie, Spring Breakers! Yea, and we can't wait to see it! The movie, which Vanessa Hudgens and James Franco also stars in, is about four college girls who land in jail for robbing a restaurant, so that they can afford to go on vacation for Spring Break. But they're bailed out by James Franco.... As we said, we want to see the whole movie like NOW!
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Why So Sad James Franco! Do You Want A Hug?!

Friday 11:05 AM, 20/07/2012
Can we cherr you up Jamie?
Aww actor James Franco is looking a bit down on his stroll in Washinton Sqaure Park, New York City! We think he is in great need of a big warm hug from us...
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10 Reasons Why We Love The 80's!

Wednesday 3:15 PM, 11/07/2012
Then actor/singer Justin TImberlake arrived in 1981, talking about a star being born! He's got Polish roots but Paul Wesley was born in New Jersey in 1982. Spider-Man 2.0, Andrew Garfield was born in Los Angeles 1983 but grew up in England. Guess if we're jealous of Kirsten Dunst? She gets to date another super hot descendant from the 80's. The gorgeous Garrett Hedlund was born in 1984.  James Franco's younger brother, Dave Franco first saw the world in 1985. The genes in that family... WOW! No 1986, no Robert Pattinson. That's a world we don't even want to imagine! If you like messy hair and deep blue eyes, 1987 should surely be your favorite year of the decade since both Zac Efron and Ed Westwick was born that year. Teen Wolf-star Colton Haynes missed most of the 80's since he was born in the middle of 1988. If the decade started well with Ryan Gosling, it's safe to say that it ended great too! Trouty Mouth, a.k.a, Chord Overstreet was born in 1989!
Apart from some weird hairdos (how could the mullet ever be trendy?) and lack of cell phones, there’s not much you can complain about when it comes to the 80’s. Besides the cool fashion and great music here are 10 more reasons why we love the 80’s so much, from beginning to end!
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New Couple Alert: James Franco And Amanda Seyfried!

Tuesday 4:04 PM, 26/06/2012
Josh Harnett broke Amanda´s heart a few months ago.
OMG! A reporter spotted James Franco leaving Amanda Seyfrieds house in West Hollywood the other night! According to the rep James looked like he wa...READ MORE ▶
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