Jake Gyllenhaal

Apr 23 2012 8:43 AM

Carey Mulligan Marries Marcus Mumford!

One of our favorite actresses, Carey Mulligan, just married the frontman, Marcus Mumford, of the hit band Mumford & Sons...

Feb 29 2012 9:09 PM

Top List: Ten Saddest Movies Ever!

Sometimes we're just in the mood the cuddle up on the couch, eat a pint of ice cream, and watch a really sad movie...

Jan 13 2012 8:58 AM

Minka Kelly Refused Jake Gyllenhaal's Dinner Date!

Adding to the long line of women, Jake Gyllenhaal unsuccesfully tried to date Minka Kelly...

Oct 29 2011 2:39 PM

Sporty Stars!

We're used to see the stars at the Red Carpet, showing off their slim legs and toned arms...

Oct 18 2011 5:36 PM

Spotted: Jake Gyllenhaal Getting Cozy With a Mystery Girl!

We saw Jake Gyleenhaal recently and he looked great...

Sep 8 2011 7:03 PM

We Didn't Hook Up On Set!

Celebrities fall in love with each other on set all the time...

Sep 7 2011 7:15 PM

Bald and Beautiful?! Top Six Celebs With Shaved Heads!

Some celebs will do anything for an Oscar, they'll even go so far as to shave their heads...

Sep 6 2011 8:48 AM

Forget Taylor and Reese! Jake Gyllenhaal Has Moved On!

Rumor has it that the sexy Jake Gyllenhaal is hooking up with a New Girl...

Aug 7 2011 5:19 PM

From Ugly Betty To L.A. Cop!

Ever since America Ferrera's hit show 'Ugly Betty' was canceled, we have been wondering when we would get to see her act again...

Jul 27 2011 3:15 PM

We Like Our Men Manly...And So Should You!

It's no secret that we love a manly man...