Hulk Hogan's New Wife - Or is that his Daughter?

This is a bit scary. Hulk Hogan married his latest girlfriend, Jennifer McDaniel yesterday at his mansion in Florida. Jennifer looks exactly like Hulk's daughter Brooke Hogan and is probably about the same age! Ew, we can hardly even tell them apart on these pictures!

As if that wasn't trashy enough, the wedding ceremony ended in chaos when the police had to be called out because one of The Hulk's security guards got involved in a fight with the Paparazzi. We hear the photog has filed a complaint. Typical. Seriously, try to tell the blondes apart in the pics here! (Source: Wenn)
Hulk Hogan pink bandana sunglasses moustache
Which blonde is the daughter and which one is his wife?
Hulk Hogan Jennifer McDaniel hawaii
Which blonde is the daughter and which one is his wife?
Hulk Hogan Brooke Hogan Jennifer McDaniel
This is the wife
Hulk Hogan Brooke Hogan Jennifer McDaniel kissing
The one with the blue is Brooke and the one with the Pink and peachy/blue is the wife
Hulk Hogan Jennifer McDaniel hawaii
The wife
Hulk Hogan Brooke Hogan
That's the daughter again - confusing we know!
Published Dec 15 2010 8:43 PM
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