Hugh Hefner: "Crystal Left Me For Another Man"

He's not stupid, but sometimes we think he lets his nether regions rule a bit too many of his decisions! If a gorgeous model, 60 years younger than you falls "in love" with you, you have to ask yourself why. Hugh Hefner recently came to the harsh realization that perhaps his ex fiancée Crystal Harris actually broke off their engagement because 1) she didn't love him 2) she was only after money and fame and 3) she had an affair with another man.

In his first TV interview since the split, Hefner told CNN: "I think there's at least one other guy in the picture"? I am prepared for that probability (of another man). I think that is part of it. The explanation probably has more to do with the fact that it had run its course and she didn't really love me. I think that the career was more important to her than she let on. As a matter of fact, when we were in London, she was thinking more about her upcoming single than (the relationship)."

Let's hope he actually learns a thing or two from this!
Hugh Hefner, Crystal Harris
True love? Hardly...
Hugh Hefner, Crystal Harris
True love? Hardly...
Hugh Hefner, Crystal Harris, dancing
True love? Hardly...
Hugh Hefner, Crystal Harris, kissing
True love? Hardly...
Hugh Hefner, Crystal Harris
True love? Hardly...
Hugh Hefner, Crystal Harris
True love? Hardly...
Published Jul 16 2011 9:59 PM
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