Woman Seriously Injured In Chris Brown v. Drake! Planning to Sue!

OMG, this is getting bad! A few days ago we told you about the fight that broke out between Chris Brown and rapper, Drake. Apparently the fight might've been over Rihanna, but regardless of the reason- several people have been injured and the nightclub, W.i.P, has been shut down! San Antonio Spurs guard, Tony Parker, suffered a scratched retina and Chris Brown's bodyguard was hospitalized with a major cut to his head. But most recently a woman who was caught in the middle of the fight received a cut so bad she needed 12 stitches. And guess what? She is planning to sue!

The woman, named Lucy, says she was at the VIP section of the night club when she ducked down and bottles started flying. She didn't realize she was cut until she was trying to get out of the club. She had to get 12 stitches and a tetanus shot to close the gash! Lucy is suing the club and might even sue Chris and Drake! We really wish Chris and Drake could hold their tempers better... (tmz)
Drake aka Aubrey Drake Graham black shirt jeans fight
They fought and now they might be sued!
Drake aka Aubrey Drake Graham black shirt black jeans
They fought and now they might be sued!
Chris Brown white shirt gold necklace white cap baggy jeans
They fought and now they might be sued!
Chris Brown white shirt black pants ny baseball cap
They fought and now they might be sued!
Chris Brown white shirt tattoos baseball cap jeans
They fought and now they might be sued!
drake black shirt black pants chris brown red jacket green shirt khakis red shoes
Source: WENN.com
Chris should learn to control his temper...
Published Jun 18 2012 5:14 PM
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