Usher's Stepson Declared Brain Dead

This is a sad day for singer, Usher, and his estranged wife, Tameka Foster. Usher's stepson (Tameka's son) was declared brain dead by doctors after being involved in a jet skiing accident. Kyle Glover, 11, was riding on an inner tube at Lake Lanier in Atlanta, Georgia, when he was struck in the head by a jet ski. The child was immediately rushed to the hospital, but has not experienced any brain activity since the accident. No decision has been made if they will keep him on life support. Both Usher and Tameka continue to be by Kyle's side. We can't imagine what they are going through and our thoughts are with them. (Source: tmz)
Tameka Foster and Usher grey sweater car black fleece stepson kyle glover
Usher and Tameka, we can't imagine what they must be going through right now.
Usher and Tameka Foster grey suit black tie black dress
Usher and Tameka, we can't imagine what they must be going through right now.
Tameka Foster and Usher white tuxedo bow tie black dress
Usher and Tameka, we can't imagine what they must be going through right now.
Tameka straight black hair blush son kyle glover brain dead
In happier times....
USHER light blue turtleneck navy blazer earrings step son brain dead
In happier times....
Usher and wife Tameka Foster red blazer white tshirtj ean silver shirt jean step son kyle brain dead
In happier times....
Published Jul 9 2012 8:24 AM
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