Taylor Swift's Newest Man: Tim Tebow! Katy Perry Is Furious!

Thursday 8:41 AM, 01/03/2012
They are a cute couple together!

They are a cute couple together!

Katy is furious!

Katy is furious!
Taylor Swift was recently spotted having dinner with Denver Broncos quarterback, Tim Tebow. Katy Perry recently had her sights set on Tim, so we bet she's furious with Taylor! Here's how it went down:

Taylor and Tim met last Friday at a pre-Oscars party and spent the whole night talking. He then invited her to dinner on Monday at a sweet Italian restaurant. We think that they would be a great couple, they have a lot of in common, and it's time that Taylor found a good man! Katy Perry had better watch her back, we're Team Taylor! (nypost)
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Em(non member) 1
01/03/2012 8:49 PM
Taylor swift is legit a creature. She is by far
the ugliest person ever...tim could do so much

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