Sienna Miller FINALLY Confirms The Pregnancy!

Sienna Miller has done everything to keep her pregnancy a secret, but she has now finally confirmed the rumors! She is expecting a baby with her boyfriend, Tom Sturridge. The couple have only been together for a short time (since mid 2011) but Sienna is looking forward to starting a family with Tom. "I'm feeling fine. It's all progressing nicely and it's very exciting. It's nice to start a new decade." We're so happy for Sienna and Tom, they will make a very cute family. She really deserves this! (dailymail)
Sienna Miller blonde hair grey sweater
Sienna and Tom are perfect for each other!
Sienna Miller grey sweater black pants black leather bag red shoes
Sienna and Tom are perfect for each other!
Sienna Miller Tom Sturridge having a baby black cardigan jeans black bag black blazer white tshirt red print black pants
Sienna and Tom are perfect for each other!
Sienna Miller pregnant blue black pattern jacket black pants
Sienna and Tom are perfect for each other!
Sienna Miller pregnant beige sweater black panrts black ankle boots
Sienna and Tom are perfect for each other!
Tom Sturridge dating sienna miller grey blazer grey pants white tshirt
She will be a great mom!
Published Mar 8 2012 5:04 PM
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