Sick Of Actors! Katie Holmes Wants To Date An Artist!

Wednesday 8:05 AM, 17/10/2012
Sick Of Actors! Katie Holmes Wants To Date An Artist!

She's sick of actors!

She's sick of actors!

Katie Holmes is not ready to date yet, but once she is - she won't date an actor again! "Her previous relationships with Joshua (Jackson), Chris (Klein) and Tom (Cruise) didn’t work out, so she thinks she should look away from her own profession", a close source reveals.

And now she's interested in new men, with a different profession: "Jeanne Yang, her business partner for the Holmes & Yang fashion label, has taken Katie to some art gallery openings recently and she’s met tons of interesting artists", the source says adding that: "She’s been saying now that if she does date anyone, it could be someone who works in the arts world. Katie’s more interested in the quiet life now and an unassuming artist would fit the bill perfectly for when she’s ready". We could definitely see Katie with an artist! (celebitchy)
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