Seal: "I Did Not Imply Heidi Klum Was Cheating On Me... Kinda!"

Monday 8:13 AM, 03/09/2012
Seal: "I Did Not Imply Heidi Klum Was Cheating On Me... Kinda!"

Seal says Heidi was the bad guy....

Seal says Heidi was the bad guy....

We miss them together!

We miss them together!

Seal recently broke the silence about his and Heidi Klum's divorce, that she filed for back in April, and when he finally opened up about it- he had nothing nice to say: ""I would have preferred Heidi show a little bit more class and at least wait until we separated first before deciding to fornicate with the help, as it were," he said yesterday. "But I guess you now all have the answer that you've been looking for for the past seven months".

But Seal quickly realized how bad it sounded, and is now trying to take back what he said: "Seal would like to clarify that he was not implying his wife was cheating while they were together, but he was merely pointing out that their seperation and divorce were not final and they are still legally married". Well Seal, we guess you wouldn't even say such a thing in the first place if you didn't feel that way- and we guess we have a new bad guy in this divorce now! (usweekly)
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