Robert Pattinson To Star In Not Twilight!

Tuesday 4:25 PM, 07/02/2012
Robert Pattinson To Star In Not Twilight!

Robert Pattinson in a new film role!

Christina Ricci

Uma Thurman

Kristen Scott Thomas

Kristen Scott Thomas

Robert Pattinson definitely maked a lot of hearts pound during his five years of starring in Twilight. But now the Twilight star has a new film role in the movie "Bel Ami." In this film, Rob will play Duray who uses his sex appeal to reach the top of the social latter. He then abuses the women he uses and destroy's their lives afterwards. That's so not Edward Cullen! Rob said, "There are lots of attractive women in the film. Christina Ricci, Uma Thurman and Kristen Scott Thomas. And I sleep with all of them!" Wow, this we want to see! "Bel Ami" will premiere in March- we can't wait! Check out the trailer below. (
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Minni(non member) 1
07/02/2012 6:11 PM
This is so old news

This is stupid...(non member) 2
07/02/2012 8:46 PM
This is stupid...

Thanks(non member) 3
08/02/2012 11:01 AM
Great pictures of the cast.

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