Robert Pattinson Cast In Two New Roles: No Longer Just "Sparkles"

Friday 9:02 AM, 04/05/2012
Robert in his new military haircut with Christina Ricci.

Robert in his new military haircut with Christina Ricci.

Way to go RPatz!

Way to go RPatz!
Robert Pattinson's career is really starting to take off. He is no longer just thought of as "that Twilight guy" with teenage girls swooning and screaming, but is starting to be considered as a legitimate actor. Robert was just cast in two big movie roles!

The first, "Mission: Blacklist" is about the military interrogator who lead the capture of Saddam Hussein in 2003. Robert will play the lead. The second movie, "Rover" is about a guy (RPatz) who chases thieves that stole his car across the Australian outback. Both will be action packed thrillers. We're so happy for RPatz and excited about his new career moves. (yahoo and celebitchy)
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