Rihanna Still Supports Chris Brown!

Tuesday 5:05 PM, 28/02/2012
Seems like Rihanna likes the bad boy attitude!

Seems like Rihanna likes the bad boy attitude!

Chris Brown is nothing but bad!

Chris Brown is nothing but bad!
We earlier reported that Chris Brown stole a mobile from a fan. Now Rihanna says that she supports Chris and his claim that he is innocent. Ugh. She is blind when it comes to him! Rihanna has said that she will not listen to anything negative that people have to say about Chris and that she will continue to see him. If we believed that Chris had truly changed, we'd support her decision, but he's still the same immature jerk. (radar)
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(non member) 1
28/02/2012 6:17 PM
Rihanna has just put her life into danger again
and she has made a bad move.

rianna(non member) 2
28/02/2012 8:16 PM
tu est trop belle

well(non member) 3
29/02/2012 12:29 AM
maybe she will learn a lesson this time around

jb(non member) 4
29/02/2012 7:25 PM

jygmtfk(non member) 5
29/02/2012 10:28 PM
Seriously,rihanna needs ot make a choice.
she hates him,now loves him?

Laurieann(non member) 6
05/04/2012 1:40 PM
Its Rihanna's mind.. Leave her alone she should
enjoy her life, she has been working to hard. What
Chris Brown did was a mistake and hopefully if
they go out again that won't happen again

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