Posh24 Recap! What's Been Going On In Hollywood This Week?!

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Hey guys! It's Friday and as always we've been all about celebrity news, Fashion Trends and beauty secrets this week. And if you make sure to read Posh24 every day, we promise you won't miss a single thing from Hollywood. But if you did, here's a short recap on what's been going on this past week!

We took a good look at Taylor Swift's career, and realized how much she's changed ever since she first got famous. Check it out here

Money and looks are everything in Hollywood, and celebrities never make a secret of those facts. We've heard what they had to say about ca$$$h. So are you looking for some Friday fun reading? Check it out here!

There are always b*h fights going on in Hollywood, and now it's very tense between Madonna and Elton John. He says her career is over and that she's a big cnt! Crazy?! Yea, click here and read all about it!

Robert Pattinson is, of course, still upset and crushed about this whole Kristen Stewart cheating scandal. But now it's said that he's out partying to forget all about her, and he's meeting New Girl... Check it out here!

Hollywood is a crazy place, and apparently it's just getting worse (but in a good way, of course!). Now it's double trouble coming up since Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen are working together. But why? Read about it here!

There are two big weddings in Hollywood that everyone is talking about at the moment. The first one is Natalie Portman's vegan wedding (they didn't even have a cake, but read more here!) and also.... Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's rumored upcoming French wedding! Click here for the deets!

Someone who's not married yet is Kate Bosworth, but she's slowly getting there.... Click here and read why!

Lady Gaga always make headlines, and this week it's no exception. She recently told Vogue that she's still having *** on the beach and walks around half Naked in bars.... Yea, for further details click here!
Published Aug 10 2012 10:29 PM
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