Nicole Kidman & Zac Efron Star In Extremely Sexy New Movie!

Friday 8:23 AM, 25/05/2012
Zac and Nicole are starring in the new movie, Paperboy.

Zac and Nicole are starring in the new movie, Paperboy.

With John Cusack!

With John Cusack!
Nicole Kidman and Zac Efron are lighting up the screen at the Cannes Film Festival with their new movie, Paperboy. In the movie, Nicole plays an overly-sexualized woman who has an obsession with a death row inmate, played by John Cusack. Zac plays the little brother of a journalist (played by Matthew McConaughey) who comes to town to investigate the death-row inmate.

It seems that Nicole's and Zac's characters strike up an unlikely friendship and that's where things get interesting. "He was in his underwear half the time," said Macy Gray who also stars in the movie. In one scene, Nicole semi-erotically urinates on Zac after he is stung by a jelly fish! Nicole had this to stay about her character, "I'd been looking as an actor for something raw and something dangerous." Well, it sounds like she found it. (people)
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