NEW COUPLE! Spice Girls' Geri Halliwell & Russell Brand!

Russell Brand has been dating many women ever since his divorce from Katy Perry, and now he's with none other than Spice Girl Geri Halliwell! Crazy! "Things are getting very serious between them - they're a proper couple now. They had met several times in the past, but really got to know each other during the Olympics.", an insider reveals.

"People thought Russell was joking at the time, when he said he had a crush on Geri all over again, but it was true. They just clicked - they have so much in common. They've exactly the same sense of humour, and are serious about clean living". Woh-oh, and Russell just broke up with Isabella Brewster?! We've never imagined them two being together, but we guess Russell has a certain thing for big pop icons... We'll just have to wait and see what this turns out to be... (perezhilton)
Geri Halliwell blue lace dress red carpet
We did NOT see this one coming!
Geri Halliwell white lace dress dating russell brand 2012
We did NOT see this one coming!
Russell Brand gray suit black tee dating geri spice girls
We did NOT see this one coming!
Russell Brand purple tank top white pants hobo
We wonder what Geri fell for...
Russell Brand purple tee ripped jeans sunglasses
We wonder what Geri fell for...
geri halliwell dating russell brand
We wonder what Geri fell for...
Published Aug 28 2012 3:32 PM
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