Miley Cyrus Is Starving Herself To Keep Fiancé Liam Hemsworth!

Friday 8:03 AM, 29/06/2012
Miley Cyrus Is Starving Herself To Keep Fiancé Liam Hemsworth!

He likes you the way you are, Miley. That's why you have that huge rock on your finger!

He likes you the way you are, Miley. That's why you have that huge rock on your finger!

You're fading away, Miley!

You're fading away, Miley!
Miley Cyrus has lost a lot of weight the past year, and now rumor has it that she's working out 3 hours a day- and starving herself on a 500 calories a day diet! Her fiancé Liam Hemsworth is reportedly "worried" about her shrinking figure and he's threatening to call off the wedding if she doesn't gain some weight again!

"The ridiculous thing is, she started this regimen because she was worried Liam would fall for his Hunger Games co-star Jennifer Lawrence. She decided that the only way to keep him was to get the best body of her life." Today Miley is allegedly living on 500 calories a day, and that she's working out three hours a day. Please Miley, stop this behaviour! It's crazy! You're good enough for Liam, and he loves you- just the way you are! (hollywoodlife)
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jaja(non member) 1
29/06/2012 2:08 PM
sta bre jedes govna bre retardu bree
,majmuneeeeeeeeee alo bre ee jebes ovog sa 19
godina si se verila alo9 lutko alo macko si

Wtf(non member) 2
29/06/2012 3:32 PM
Wtf ? Really posh24? Do u make up this story ? I
can't believe how stupid people are.... Btw i'm
not mileys fun and i don't like that she is
getting married at such a young age

M(non member) 3
29/06/2012 3:36 PM
I don't think she's doing it on purpose, maybe she
got too obsessed with gaining a nice body and then
got an eating disorder.

plantintarter(non member) 4
29/06/2012 7:28 PM
omg! she is so dumb, I mean really I don't see
what Liam sees in Miley, but I wouldn't blame him
if he fell for Jennifer.. After all, isn't that
how those two got together, he fell in love while
on the set of The Last Song. If she has to change
herself, t

no(non member) 5
29/06/2012 7:46 PM
Saying she's got an eating disorder is
offensive to those who DO have them. ANY stupid
person can see that she is looking after her body
and eating healthily. How the hell do they know
how many calories she's eating? Do they follow her
around every

no(non member) 6
29/06/2012 7:46 PM
day and keep a diary of what she eats? SHE IS NOT
ANOREXIC. Anorexia is a mental disorder. Miley is
not anorexic. Any fool can see that. Jeez, you
guys just NEED something to lie about don't
I'm not a fan of Miley but this is a
completely unfair, u

no(non member) 7
29/06/2012 7:46 PM
untrue story.

JLW(non member) 8
29/06/2012 8:30 PM
I think the pictures are photoshopped.

lif(non member) 9
30/06/2012 5:11 AM
she's cool by the way, i see nothing wrong on her

Sofia(non member) 10
01/07/2012 11:38 AM
She cool singer and actor

Nice(non member) 11
02/07/2012 4:11 PM
In a PEOPLE's magazine there was a story about
people with crazy diets, so there was this story
about this girl that was the same age as Miley and
was so skinny that you could see her bones, she
was also starving herself like Mliey does right
now.The girl

Molly(non member) 12
11/08/2012 7:44 AM
You're joking? This is obviously a lie. This is
offensive to people that really do have eating
disorders. Instead of making up lies, close your
site. Stardoll is copying it by the way,

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