Miley Cyrus "I'm Not Engaged!"

Tuesday 9:11 AM, 27/03/2012

We've spotted Miley Cyrus wearing a big ol' diamond ring the past few days and there have been rumors going on that she is engaged to long-time beau, Liam Hemsworth. But Miley has cleared the air, "I'm not engaged. I've ring this same ring on this finger since November." Ok, but why is she wearing a diamond ring on her wedding finger? Maybe she should switch hands...? Just a thought Miley! We're not going to lie, we're kinda happy they aren't engaged- we want Liam all for ourselves! (tmz)
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posh...(non member) 1
27/03/2012 10:15 PM
seriously? she can wear jewelry how ever she
wants! why does it matter that she's wearing a
diamond ring on her wedding finger? maybe she
likes it! so back off! and you should be happy for
her if she was engaged.

jessica(non member) 2
17/05/2012 9:20 PM
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