Madonna Strips Down Naked On Stage For Hurricane Sandy Relief!

We've all been eager after Hurricane Sandy to support as much as we can, but Madonna takes it to a whole other level. At her Madison Square Garden concert yesterday she stripped for Hurricane Sandy relief donations. "Why do we always have to wait until a catastrophe happens to show this kind of love and compassion", the pop star wondered on stage.

To show her support she started stripping to her song Like A Virgin, letting people throw her money on stage. "This money is not for me. We are collecting money for victims of Hurricane Sandy, so please feel free to be generous as I freeze my a** off up here for you", she said. Well good thing, but did you have to take your clothes off to show that kind of support? (gossipcop)
Madonna performs live during her MDNA Tour at  Madison Square Garden
Madonna performs live during her MDNA Tour at  Madison Square Garden
Keep your clothes on!
Madonna performs live during her MDNA Tour at  Madison Square Garden
Keep your clothes on!
Madonna performs live during her MDNA Tour at  Madison Square Garden
Keep your clothes on!
Published Nov 14 2012 8:02 AM
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