Lindsay Lohan On Car Accident: "I Had No Idea I Hit Someone!"

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan was arrested yesterday when she fled from the scene after hitting a victim with her car. But now she's telling all her friends that she "had no idea she hit someone" and "it wasn't until she came out and got arrested that she knew anything was going on". She also says the story where someone got out of the car to check the car never happened and that nobody even got out of the car. Hey Linds, is that better? It's still crazy that you hit a guy and didn't even notice.... (tmz)
Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan
Here's where it all happened... Or not happened...
Lindsay Lohan leaving 'Make Up For Ever' via the back door heading for her car on Robertson Boulevard.
Here's where it all happened... Or not happened...
Lindsay Lohan
Here's where it all happened... Or not happened...
Here's where it all happened... Or not happened...
Published Sep 20 2012 8:24 AM
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