Lindsay Lohan Arrested (Yea, Again!) For Assault At Nightclub!

Celebrities at LAX airport
We're all getting sick of Lindsay Lohan very childish behavior, and now she's in trouble again. BIG trouble.... Early this morning she was arrested at the New York club Avenue after she got into a fight with another female. Lindsay first had some sort of argument with the other woman, which later led to the fight where people called the cops that arrested her. Honestly, we have a really bad feeling about Lindsay and we're afraid this won't end well... (gossipcop)
Celebrities at LAX airport
The premiere of 'Liz and Dick' at the Beverly Hills Hotel
She's done it again.....
The premiere of 'Liz and Dick' at the Beverly Hills Hotel
She's done it again.....
The premiere of 'Liz and Dick' at the Beverly Hills Hotel
She's done it again.....
Lindsay Lohan
She's done it again.....
Published Nov 29 2012 3:43 PM
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