Lady Gaga Monsters Death Threatens Kelly Osbourne!

Tuesday 4:50 PM, 21/02/2012

Kelly Osbourne is bothered by the Gaga monster attack.

Kelly Osbourne is bothered by the Gaga monster attack.

Lady Gaga on the Grammy's.

Lady Gaga on the Grammy's.
Are the Lady Gaga monsters in fact real monsters? Well, not really, but they've sure been really mean to Kelly Osbourne. It all started at the Grammys where Lady Gaga sneaked right in to the gala and decided not to show up at the red carpet. "Being part of the music industry is walking the red carpet. You say hello to your fans and you give back to those reporters and those people who supported you", said Kelly Osbourne about her behavior and called Gaga "disrespectful". And that clearly woke the wrath of the Gaga monsters. Osbourne's Twitter was literally flooded with hate, bad words and even death threats. Ironically, since Kelly Osbourne states she's a huge Gaga-fan. Watch your tongue next time Kelly! You don't wanna start looking for monsters under your bed. (allieiswired)
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kiki(non member) 1
21/02/2012 6:32 PM
kelly is just hungry:)))))))

You better(non member) 2
29/03/2012 1:10 AM
Im a Lady Gaga monster and Kelly if you do
anything to Gaga your bed will be covered in

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