Kristin Chenoweth Rushed to ER After Accident On Set!

OMG! This is so scary! Yesterday while on the set of The Good Wife, Kristin Chenoweth was rushed to the hospital after she was struck by a piece of lighting equipment while filming. The equipment collapsed due to a large gust of wind and Kristin immediately fell to the ground and smacked her head on the concrete! Thankfully Kristin was all right and was treated for "minor injuries" at the hospital but when she was first knocked to the ground she was out cold, the crew thought she was dead! We're just so happy she is ok. (Source: tmz)
Kristin Chenoweth black shiny dress blonde curls white dog
Be more careful, Kristin!
Kristin Chenoweth big blonde hair diamond earrings
Be more careful, Kristin!
Kristin Chenoweth off the shoulder grey sweater shirt white tanktop black leggings
Be more careful, Kristin!
Kristin Chenoweth grey tanktop grey sweater dark denim jeans straight hair sunglasses
So happy you are ok!
Kristin Chenoweth orange jeans black tee black hat purple puff jacket
So happy you are ok!
Kristin Chenoweth short black bandage dress rushed to hospital ER
So happy you are ok!
Published Jul 12 2012 8:16 AM
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