Kim Kardshian Keeps Friendship With Beyonce A Secret!

Tuesday 8:12 AM, 26/06/2012
Kim Kardshian Keeps Friendship With Beyonce A Secret!

They're trying to keep their friendship a secret.

They had a blast!

They had a blast!

Oh this sure feels like the first time Kim Kardashian isn't sharing every single step she takes with her fans. Ever since she started dating her current beau Kanye West, Kim has had the hardest time trying to become friends with Kanyes best friend's Jay Z's wife, Beyonce. "She's trying to do whatever she can to get close to Beyonce", a Kardashian insider reveals. And now it looks like things are finally happening. Kim K and Bey were spotted at a "Watch the Throne" concert in England, dancing together in the VIP section, hanging out together in public for the first time.

But Kim, who's got a reputation for over-sharing stuff with her fans, didn't even take a picture of herself and her new friend: "She's not tweeting or taking pictures with Beyonce because she doesn't want to seem desperate", the source explains. Yea, Kim, respect their privacy! (nydailynews)
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you guys get along

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