Kim Kardashian: Diagnosed With Skin Condition For Life!

Tuesday 2:16 PM, 26/07/2011
Take it easy Kim, it will help you feel better!

Take it easy Kim, it will help you feel better!

Glowing skin!

Glowing skin!

Kim Kardashian has recently been diagnosed with an incurable skin condition, which thankfully can be treated with medication and if she reduces the stress in her life. However, she's stuck with this condition for life and Kim has stated that living a slower paced life is, "just not possible."

Kim has been diagnosed with is psoriasis, which is a condition that her mom, Kris, also has. Poor Kim is known for her looks and has taken it upon herself to look perfect ALL THE TIME. "My career is doing ad campaigns and swimsuit photo shoots...People don't understand the pressure on me to look perfect."

We hope that Kim will start taking things a bit easier but since she's currently planning her wedding we have a feeling she's going to be even more stressed for the next few months. (people)
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