Katie Holmes Feels Betrayed By Tom Cruise! Find Out Why!

Monday 8:37 AM, 21/05/2012
Poor Katie, she looks so depressed.

Poor Katie, she looks so depressed.

She is starting to feel the strain in the marriage!

She is starting to feel the strain in the marriage!

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise have been a hot couple for the past several years. Their relationship shocked the world and instantly shot Katie up to A-List status. But what has Katie done since marrying Tom? Well nothing really. And she is starting to feel betrayed and let down because apparently Tom promised her fame, riches, and a glamourous lifestyle and the life she has now isn't enough.

"Katie thought that being married to a huge star like Tom would open doors for her... But she's not being offered the roles Tom vowed to get her...This isn't the life she signed up for, and she feels depressed." Tom had also previously promised to do a movie with Katie, but he has never fulfilled his promise. Katie needs a big reality check! She is still more famous that most actresses, she has an adorable kid, a ton of money, and is married to one of the biggest celebs in the world. Time to shape up or ship out, Katie! (celebitchy)
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what(non member) 1
21/05/2012 1:53 PM
so she married tom for fame and not for love? :O
what's wrong with people these days..

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