Katie and Chace Get Romantic

Hot romcom alert! Katie Holmes and Chace Crawford are set to star in a romcom flick called Responsible Adults. It's all about how Katie is a 30 year old med student who falls in love with Chace, only to realize she used to babysit him! Haha! It sounds like a great movie, especially since we'll get to see Chace on the big screen- he's so incredibly hot! (thehollywoodreporter)
Chace Crawford Hot Sexy
We'd see any movie with Chace in it!
Chace Crawford
We'd see any movie with Chace in it!
Katie Holmes
We'd see any movie with Chace in it!
Katie Holmes and her daughter
Katie will be perfect in this role!
Katie Holmes and her daughter
Katie will be perfect in this role!
Chace Crawford
Source: WENN.com
Katie will be perfect in this role!
Published May 12 2011 8:00 AM
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