Kate Middleton Could Be Preggo! A Royal Baby!

Wednesday 9:10 AM, 07/12/2011
Is there a baby in there?

Is there a baby in there?

Kate is great with kids!

Kate is great with kids!

Oh baby! We're just so excited about the fact that Kate Middleton could be pregnant! Kate and hubby, Prince William, were recently spotted at a concert where Kate wore a slightly large (for her) Zara dress and kept her black clutch covering her stomach most of the night! To further prove the rumors, a few weeks ago Kate refused to eat peanut paste when she was visiting Denmark! Why? Well, pregnant women are told to stay away from peanuts to prevent any allergies from forming. So it seems pretty likely that Kate is pregnant! We can't wait for the official royal announcement! (usmagazine)
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07/12/2011 2:27 PM
was she in denmark?? why does no one speak about
it here??

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