Jennifer Lopez Is Finally Dumping Casper Smart?!

Wednesday 8:34 AM, 15/08/2012
Jennifer Lopez Is Finally Dumping Casper Smart?!

She's dumping him!

Jennifer Lopez' friends are desperate: she's got to dump her boy toy Casper Smart! "Her mother and her sisters were not fans of Casper from the beginning", a friend of J.Lo's mom reveals. "Her taste in men is awful. She meets a guy she likes and within days, she offers him the world", another friend of Jen says. "She never admits she's wrong or that she's embarrassed".

But now it looks like she's getting wiser, because close sources says that she's trying to dump Casper, because of the fact that she's realized that he's just using her. Poor J, we hope she's getting back on her feet soon! (celebitchy)
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Amanda gomez(non member) 1
15/08/2012 10:54 PM
Mother and friends you guys have to leave the care
of jennifer lopez ja and her life and her big girl
and knows how to take good care! God knows what
will happen to the relationship of her act and
then let him take care of it!

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