Jennifer Aniston & Stacy Keibler Bonding Over Hatred Of Angelina Jolie!

jennifer aniston team aniston stacy keibler angelina jolie fight 2013
We believe Team Jolie and Team Aniston will be a never ending story. Just the other day Stacy Keibler and Jennifer Aniston was spotted together, and now she's on Team Aniston. "Stacy has had it with Angie - she has made huge effort to get to know her, but every time she's made to feel inferior". Now JenJen and Stacy are bounding over their mutual hatred of Angie. "Jen told Stacy to play Angie at her own game and ignore her completely". Hey guys, aren't you like... A little too old for this? (star)
VH1 Divas 2012 stacy keibler black jacket black pants black heels
Stacy is Team Aniston now!
Angelina Jolie white jacket red lips black pants peeptoe heels women in the world
Stacy is Team Aniston now!
Jennifer Aniston closeup blonde hair floral dress
Stacy is Team Aniston now!
Angelina Jolie white jacket red lips black pants peeptoe heels women in the world
Angie is hated by both Jen and Stacy!
Jennifer Aniston blonde hair highlighter makeup
Angie is hated by both Jen and Stacy!
Published Jan 17 2013 8:42 AM
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