It's Over: Rihanna Is Finally Done With Chris Brown!

OMG! It looks like Rihanna is finally letting go of Chris Brown. About time too! We hate that guy! Here's what happened:

Chris recently released a new song (a remix of Kanye West's "Theraflu) with some lyrics that were really unflattering to women and seemed to be aimed directly at Rihanna. One of the lines, "trick or treat like a pumpkin...just to smash her" points clearly to his domestic abuse against Rihanna. And Rihanna believes the song is about her too- so guess what she did? She unfollowed Chris on Twitter! Finally!

Rihanna has always meekly stuck by Chris' side, even collaborating with him on songs after he beat her, but it's time she moves on. She needs to let go. He's so not worth it and shouldn't be allowed to be famous. Later on in the evening, Chris unfollowed Rihanna. Good riddance, Team Rihanna all the way! (tmz)
Is it finally over? We hope so!
Is it finally over? We hope so!
Time to quit him, Rihanna!
Time to quit him, Rihanna!
Time to quit him, Rihanna!
Time to quit him, Rihanna!
Published May 11 2012 8:54 AM
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