Is Miley Cyrus Using Liam Hemsworth To Stay Interesting?!

Friday 2:32 PM, 04/01/2013
Is Miley Cyrus Using Liam Hemsworth To Stay Interesting?!

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth has been in the hot air over Christmas since rumor has it they secretly got hitched when no paparazzis were around, and they also posted a pic where it looks like they're wearing wedding rings. Anyhow, now people are speculating about Miley's real intentions, and people say she's using Liam to get to his fans, and to stay interesting.

"She is constantly coming up with new ways to keep everyone interested in her. She is terrified that people will forget about her or ignore her. It's getting worse and worse!". Ehm, Miley. That sounds like a weird way to get attention! (celebitchy)
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