Is Britney Spears The Newest X-Factor Judge?

Since Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger were fired as judges on X-Factor, we've been wondering who would replace them! Well it turns out that Britney Spears is up for the job and she wants it! But there is fierce Competition because Fergie and Janet Jackson want to role too! Hmmm, we're Voting for Team Britney on this one! (usmagazine)
Britney Spears red checked shirt black pants brown fringe shoes
Will Brit be the new judge?
Fergie red lace dress black bra gold earrings
Will Brit be the new judge?
Janet Jackson bangs straight brown hair satin brown dress
Will Brit be the new judge?
Britney Spears balck dress red carpet smiling
Will Brit be the new judge?
Britney Spears black dress red carpet black pumps
Fergie also wants the role!
Britney Spears green dress
And so does Janet Jackson!
Published Feb 23 2012 5:15 PM
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