Here Is Zac Efron's New Secret Girlfriend!

Tuesday 8:39 AM, 07/05/2013
Her name is...

Her name is...
Maika Monroe!

Zac Efron, 25, has been single for a while now, but not anymore. The actor is said to have fallen for Maika Monroe, a 19-year-old actress that he met on the set of their movie At Any Price.

Friends reveal that they're really into each other already: ''Zac and Maika have been spending a lot of time together at his house and are definitely hooking up", one source said. "Zac is really into her".
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sophie(non member) 1
07/12/2013 9:11 AM
omfg!! ZAC EFRON IS MINE!! love zac <3 xx

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