From Classy to Trashy: What's Happening to Miley Cyrus?

Miley Cyrus white dress sexy pose trashy smoking cigarettes
A lot of Miley Cyrus fans are pretty upset with her right now (us included!) While we love Miley, lately she's been making some really bad decisions. We recently spotted Miley smoking a cigarette! Now Miley is 18, which is the legal age to buy cigarettes, but it's just a disgusting habit! Smoking can lead to so many health problems, especially when it comes to The Voice and Miley's whole career is based around her amazing singing talent!

What's more is that back in 2009, Miley wrote, "I would never smoke...I always say that for me, smoking would be like smashing my guitar and expecting it to play. I'd never do that to my voice, not to mention to the rest of my body." But ever since Miley dropped her family friendly image, she's been making a lot of questionable decisions like smoking salvia, pole dancing, and taking racy photos. We still love her, but we just want what's best for her...and smoking definitely isn't! (dailyfill)

What do you think, is Miley heading down a road of trouble or do you think she'll be ok?
Miley Cyrus white shirt blonde wavy hair distressed blakc jean shorts black cowboy boots
Oh Miley, what's happening to you?
Miley Cyrus jean shorts white trash short white shirt brown jacket brown leather purse peace sign
Oh Miley, what's happening to you?
Miley Cyrus ripped white tshirt trashy style jean shorts
Oh Miley, what's happening to you?
Singer Miley Cyrus  white leotard long blonde extensions
Oh Miley, what's happening to you?
Singer Miley Cyrus  signing performing on stage
You don't have to act so "sexy" to be famous, we love you the way you are!
Published Aug 3 2011 9:13 AM
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