Forget Taylor and Reese! Jake Gyllenhaal Has Moved On!

Rumor has it that the sexy Jake Gyllenhaal is hooking up with a New Girl! And not just any girl, but the incredibly hilarious and beautiful #rashida_jones! You've probably seen Rashida in "The Office" and "Parks and Recreation," she so awesome! And even though Jake is somewhat of a womanizer, we think he and Rashida would be perfect together!

The two were spotted joking and laughing together over lunch and then Rashida played with Jake's dog, Atticus! So cute! We really, really hope that they're dating, they'd have the cutest babies! (perezhilton)
Jake Gyllenhaal white oxford shirt wool coat blue eyes beard mustache
Is he waving to Rashida?
Rashida Jones burgundy lipstick hazel eyes lavender dress with ruffle neckline
Is he waving to Rashida?
Jake Gyllenhaal black suit black shirt black shoes short brown hair rashida jones dating
Is he waving to Rashida?
Jake Gyllenhaal black suit black shirt black shoes short brown hair rashida jones dating
She's super pretty, right?
Rashida Jones white shirt dress with black belt red lipstick dating jake gyllenhaal gladiator heels
She's super pretty, right?
Rashida Jones red lips star earrings bangs black leather jacket dating jake
She's super pretty, right?
Published Sep 6 2011 8:48 AM
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