Flirt Alert! Johnny Depp And Amber Heard Spotted Getting Cozy!

Thursday 3:37 PM, 08/11/2012

Rumor has it they're secret lovers...

Rumor has it they're secret lovers...

They were seen getting cozy....

They were seen getting cozy....

Bisexual Amber Heard recently broke up with her on-again off-again girlfriend Tasya van Ree, and Johnny Depp is newly single after his split from the mother of his children, Vanessa Paradis. Amber and Johnny met during the set of The Rum Diaries, and rumor has it they're secret lovers.

We weren't really sure about this at first, but that was before we heard what this eyewitness had to say. The source saw the couple at AV Nightclub in LA this Monday, and they "were getting cozy" in a corner. "The actors looked flirty and sat close, conversing the whole time". Honestly, this couple is a match made in heaven. They're SO hot together! (celebitchy)
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