Family Reveals: "Rihanna And Chris Brown Are Soul Mates"

Rihanna Chris Brown black hair red lips black jumpsuit white tee jeans
Rihanna black hair sidecut red lips black jumpsuit
Rihanna's brother thinks that she and Chris were soul mates...
Rihanna and Chris Brown black leather dress white tee black short hair yellow nails
Rihanna's brother thinks that she and Chris were soul mates...
Musicians Rihanna and Chris Brown green hoode green cap grey sweater black short hair
Rihanna's brother thinks that she and Chris were soul mates...
Rihanna brother Rorrey Fenty blonde hair military shirt
Rihanna (with new hairstyle) plans to settle down.
Chris Brown blue cap blue hoodie red shorts black sneakers with white and red details
Rihanna (with new hairstyle) plans to settle down.
Published Apr 10 2012 4:54 PM
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